Friday, February 6, 2009


Salutations Consumers & Eye-Users,

One of the attractive and chummy editors (Alex/me) of PinchPinchPress will be at AWP this year and wants YOU to come and see him. I will have copies of Barnaby Jones issue #1 & #2 for sale and some goodies. Due to lack of cash I'll will be sharing a table with the lovely editors of West Wind Review: K. Silem Mohammad and Lacey Hunter.

So visit me.

Buy me 10 beers.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adios, folks...

...for now. We're in Full Emergency Mode. Small, hand-bound journals are a-flyin'. One of our trusty, lusty editors, Mr. Maurice "Alex" Burford, is off to brave the Chicago icicles with copious amounts of Pinch Pinch goodies to share with you all. He'll be balancing on the corner of the West Wind Review book fair table with some other good folks, so go have a look!

If you place an order for ISSUE 1 tomorrow or later, we won't be able to ship it until the AWP tornado is over. If you're going to be at AWP, you might want to wait, as ISSUE 2 will be ready and we might just have a lil' package deal for you lovelies.